Learn how to let go of sexual hang-ups and have all the pleasure you deserve

A 6 week video masterclass for women; single, in a relationship or anywhere

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How does it work?

How does it work?

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Fully love your body and enhance your natural beauty
  • Use sexual energy to be more successful in all areas of your life
  • Orgasm without relying on specific stimulation or fantasies
  • Experience different types of orgasms with or without a partner
  • Discover how to keep passion alive in your relationships
  • Feel and be more attractive
  • Release emotional baggage from past lovers

Learn easily on any device


Why listen to me?

Sex has always been a big part of my life but it was my hunger to know the magic of the female body that led me to ten years of dedicated Tantric study – first in Thailand for almost four years with my first teacher and then to Bali to work with an Indian female Tantric master. I balanced this with an understanding of the science of sex and am currently in the final stages of completing my BA in Human Biology at Stanford University with a focus on sexuality.

I have discovered that the more I strip away layers of repression around my sexuality and femininity, the more I have access to an infinite storehouse of creative, inspired and passionate pleasure – and my life’s work is to offer this same access to you.

I developed this course as a synthesis of ten years of exploration and discovery of femininity and sexuality. Working with hundreds of women in my live workshops and private sessions in both Bali and Thailand I discovered that powerful practices don’t need to be cloaked in esoteric language or foreign culture to be effective. So I stripped down the complexity into simple, accessible practices to allow women to re-discover their natural ability to live a life of pleasure. Read more...

There isn’t anything wrong with women; they don’t need to be fixed. Most of us have just never been given the time and the space to be all of what we are. That’s what this course is – the time and space to really discover and allow your-self. Because although I want to live in a world full of vibrant, authentic, sexually powerful and alive women – I also know that the world needs these women. Highly creative, connected and sexually empowered women naturally guide us back home, to ourselves, and to our deepest human truths and ecstasies, and I created this course in service to these women who wish to lead the way.

Don't just take my word for it!

Olga Fedori, Actress, L.A.

Erika Johansson, Designer, Stockholm

Jennifer Short, Teacher, London

Is this course right for me?

Do I need to be in a romantic relationship to do this course?

No! The practices in this course are done on your own – the recommended way of developing new sexual tools – and you need not share them with anyone else. This course is appropriate for single women, and can also be a lot of fun to share with your lover/boyfriend/husband if you have one.

Is there nudity or explicit sexuality in this course?

No. The practices are demonstrated with clothing on, and there is no explicit sexuality. The audio recordings allow you to follow along in your own private space.

I’ve never had an orgasm or struggle to orgasm – Can this course help me too?

Yes! The practices and techniques in this course will allow you to relax, heighten your sexual sensations, become comfortable with your body and your sexuality and allow you to discover what turns you on and how to let go into orgasmic states of pleasure!

Do I need to have sex with someone to benefit from this course?

No! This course can be a personal journey. However, if you are single, these practices can help you to become sexier and more attractive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself sharing them…

Do I have time for this? – I’m already busy

It doesn’t take much time to learn. You can get full benefit from the course by spending just 1hr a week on the exercises which you can do at your own pace, with whatever schedule you need to work with. And if you’re too busy to do it on certain days, don’t worry! You can just pick up where you left off when you get the time. No matter what pace you do it at, within time you’ll still experience all the life-changing benefits of the course.

What you'll discover in the full course

Explore how
you Orgasm

Week 1

Boost your natural pleasure and love chemicals and explore new ways of experiencing orgasm.

Unlock your
sensational ecstasy

Week 2

Discover how to use pelvic floor techniques and meditations to supercharge your orgasmic sensations.

Expand your
Pleasure Capacity

Week 3

Learn breathing techniques to extend the length of your orgasm and experience full-body orgasm!

Unleash your
Sexual energy

Week 4

Discover how to release blockages and tensions in the body and surrender completely to the moment.

Awaken your
inner sex goddess

Week 5

Learn to move sexual sensations throughout the body to enter multiorgasmic states – and fully own your feminine power.

Master Orgasmic

Week 6

Combine all the orgasmic foundations and embrace your life as a modern day sex goddess.

Hear what our community has to say


Sylvia, Australia

She will change your life

“I use the OrgasmicBliss course now along with my daily routines. The practices connect me with my body, my sexuality, they ignite my sensual instincts and fill me with positive energy. This positive vibration then translates into every aspect of my life. I’ve taken Layla’s workshops and privates as well – all my experiences with her have been extraordinary. She is the next generation teacher who teaches the power of Tantra with a fresh perspective. She will change your life”


Julie, San Francisco

In touch with my sexuality in ways I didn’t know were possible.

“Layla truly lives and breathes her teachings, and holds a space in which I felt thoroughly liberated and positively crackling with with vital energy. My experience with her changed my life. I now feel more in touch with my body, energy system, and sexuality.”


Marissa, NYC

I recommend it to those who have difficulty relaxing during sex.

I found the course really open and easy to follow and I really liked the video clips before each exercise giving descriptions. I really felt the course helped me to relax and think of sex in a different way. We are always so focused on the end result we never take time to just enjoy pleasure and relax. The exercises really engage you with deep breathing etc that it is just an overall pleasant experience and I would really recommend it to those who have difficulty relaxing during sex.


Harmony, Bali

Definitely the most fantastic sex of my life

“The practices have become (almost) a daily practice for me and in the first relationship I had after completing the course I had the most fantastic sex of my life, like nothing I ever experienced before. I mean, it is all about timing but the practices deepened my capacity for feeling, sensitivity, and being able to love and accept myself in an intimate relationship.”


Jennifer, London

Activated my body in the most amazing way

“I didn’t really know what sexual energy was until I worked with Layla. The breathing techniques were a real revelation for me and activated my body in the most amazing way, I had this wonderful feeling of being alive in my body and all these blissful sensations. Thanks to Layla I now feel so much more connected to my body and myself as a whole!”


Erika, Stockholm

I feel fully alive, open and liberated

Layla with her presence, knowledge and the way she hold space allowed me to feel completely safe and go really deep into my sexuality, it was fantastic! I had so much fun and it completely lifted me to another level. My orgasms are getting better and better but not just that I feel fully alive, open and liberated. Just do it, it will transform your life!


Magda, Poland

I felt so deliciously feminine…

“After doing these orgasmic practices I felt so deliciously feminine – the effect would last for days – I looked more beautiful – co-workers even commented on how radiant and happy I looked! And I noticed that my entire behavior and mannerisms began to change to reflect this newfound femininity.”


Lola Byrd, Writer

How to have the best, most awesome-est, juiciest, scream-fest orgasms…

“It’s so goddamn awesome that we live in such a sexually progressive society that you can take a 6-week course, without even leaving your house, on how to have the best, most awesome-est, juiciest, scream-fest orgasms you can have. Even if you cum on the regular, I’m sure anyone and everyone could benefit from a little instruction and guidance in the area of orgasmic pleasure.”


Olga Fedori, Actress - Scrubs, L.A.

I was blown away with what happened during love making…

“Without exaggeration it was one of the most powerful things I have ever experienced, I was blown away with what happened during love making with my boyfriend the next day. My whole body just felt that it came alive to another level of vibrancy, joy and ecstasy. I hope you will enjoy studying with Layla just as much as I did.”


Taty, Sao Paulo

Thank you so much for helping me change my life!

“I feel sexier, more confident and full of energy. A friend said I look 5 years younger! Thank you so much for helping me change my life!”


Kathy, South Carolina

I used to not even be able to touch my own body.

“While doing this course I felt beautiful energy from Layla coming through the videos – I felt supported and genuinely cared for as every question I had was personally answered and doing the practices allowed me to release anger and fear that have been just trapped in my body forever! I used to not even be able to touch my own body, and I’ve moved into not only being able to feel pleasure, but actually to begin to surrender to a lover for the first time in my life!”


Faith, London

Completely life changing!

“The work I did with Layla was completely life changing! She quickly helped me shake off all the negative energy I’d been unconsciously generating and become more aware of all the positivity surrounding my life. It was inspiring, cathartic and revitalizing all in one. I’m forever grateful, thank you Layla.”